Dauthuz – “Destined for Death”
2017, Wormholedeath
First full-length album packed with punishing old-school Swedish-styled deathmetal from Zaandam. It was great to be able to record the drums for this album, honoring some of the strong roots I have in metal.

imageDauthuz – “Dauthuz EP”
2016, self released
The first release of this brandnew and homegrown oldschool deathmetal outfit featuring members from Consolation, Unlord, Nembrionic, Violent Demise, Dissect, Eternal Solstice and Obsidian. Get their gear via the Dauthuz webshop.

Degenerate - demo 2016Degenerate – “demo 2016”
2016, digitally self released
The first demo of Rens Hilgers DIY thrashmetal project: he wanted to find out how it is to make every step in the creating, recording and producing of an album for himself. I am proud to be a part of this journey! It was great fun!

Obsidian - Point Of InfinityObsidian – “Point Of Infinity”
2010, Candlelight Records
The second full-length CD of Obsidian and also their major label debut with Candlelight Records. 100% homegrown, artwork as well as production. You can order it at amazon, bol or your own favourite (web) store.

Industrial Passage – “Karma”
2008, The Art of Mystification Records

A thirty minute long drum improvisation with the experimental, atmospherical, dark music from Industrial Passage (Ewell Juliana) on top of it. The first time that I participated in creating music this way. You can order the album through The Art of Mystification Records.

ObsidianObsidian - Emerging – “Emerging” (aka ‘Re-Emerging’)
2007, Rusty Cage Records

“Emerging” re-issued, with all the vocals rerecorded by Robbe K, renewed artwork and a complete remastering by Robbe K! This time the CD was distributed internationally which resulted in again a lot of nice feedback.

Obsidian - EmergingObsidian – “Emerging”
2006, self released

Full length CD, featuring 8 tracks. Obsidian’s debut into the world of metal. Not even with a label yet, the CD is already getting some very nice remarks in the press. Order the album through the band.

Martyrs Of Darkness - Contrived and DivulgedMartyrs Of Darkness – “Contrived and Divulged”
2002, self released

The first ever CDemo for me to play on. The recording contains 6 tracks of melodic death- blackmetal with synths and all (think Dimmu Borgir meets Children Of Bodom, recorded in a very dark and evil basement). Probably impossible to get from anywhere nowadays.