Anatomy of I – Slicing it up Live

Anatomy of I - SubstratumAfter considerable time of (well earned) rest, things are stirring up again, drum-wise. Some time ago I met Michael Dorrian of Anatomy of I through Myspace. He managed to produce a pretty cool album together with long time friends Steve DiGiorgio and Dirk Verbeuren. So we chatted a while and that was that.

A while ago Michael contacted me again through Facebook and mentioned that he was looking for live musicians to tour with the now freshly released album and he asked me if I was interested. After a bit of thinking (or realising that I already knew the answer ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I said YES!!! Djeez. Filling in Dirk’s shoes is an awesome job, very inspiring and challenging, so: hell yeah!!!

So, once again it’s back to learning tracks and cranking up those double-bass muscles! The material is very challenging and dynamic, reminding me of Death’s Individual Thought Patterns and Watchtower, although it seems far more comfortable then the music of the latter band ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really psyched about this whole project, as it is a great change to develop my playing and to gain some more experience in the company of great musicians and nice people. You can check out some stuff (like Dirk laying down some of the tracks) via the following links:


5 thoughts on “Anatomy of I – Slicing it up Live

  1. Ah joh, dat tover jij wel even uit de hoge hoed. Dus jij zit nu, net zoals Robbe, in een project met Steve DiGeorgio. Doe maar fancy,…

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